The New Republic:

Inside Syria's Fracturing Rebellion
A feature on the rebel leaders carving out their own fiefdoms in the de facto safe zones of idyllic, strategic Jebel Zawiya.



In Jordan's Tafilah, Calls Escalate for King's Downfall
Inside the capital of lesse majeste.

Will Amman's Polite Opposition Bring Arab Spring to Jordan?
Weighing the impact of the Muslim Brotherhood's show of discontent.

Where the Rebels Rule: Syria's Boys of Summer
Dispatch from "free" Jebel Zawiya, Idlib province.


Foreign Affairs:

Syria's Alawite Refuge: A Letter from Tartus


Foreign Policy:

Eating Cinnabon in Damascus
Plus a Marketplace public radio interview on the story


Daily Beast:

Inside the Syrian bomb plot

Syrian civil war spreads to Damascus

Dueling tales of Syria massacre

Syrians flee to Lebanon as regime forces finish 'cleaning' operation

Bab Amr's last stand: the final days of the Syrian rebel stronghold

Portrait of a Syrian rebel

The defiant holdouts in Homs

Tribe by tribe, unrest reaches Aleppo

Inside Homs, Syria's war zone


Los Angeles Times:

Syrian opposition march comes under fire near president's palace

Crisis takes toll on Syrian economy

Russia, China veto new U.N. resolution on Syria

Syria capital hit by massive bombings

Syria President Bashar Assad pledges iron fist against opponents

In Syria, reported killings in Homs spread fear of sectarian war

Syria doctors risk their lives to secretly treat protesters

Activists say scores killed in assault on Syrian valley

Syrian activists declare 'humanitarian disaster area'

Syrian violence continues Friday despite peace pact


Human Rights Watch:

Syria: Crimes Against Humanity in Homs

Syria: Mass Arrest Campaign Intensifies

Syria: Shootings, Arrests Follow Hama Protest

Syria: Rising Toll in Homs

Syria: Crimes Against Humanity in Daraa

Syria: Targeted Arrests of Activists Across Country

Syria: Lieft Siege of Daraa

Syria: World Should Impose Sanctions on Leadership



Syria: The Republic of Fear
Recent protests in Syria have brought brutal government crackdown--and renewed paranoia among dissidents.

San Joaquin: The Valley of Shadows 
A project on the environmental and economic struggles of California's central valley, an vast exercise in American hubris. I reported it, wrote it, recorded the audio, and conceived the interactives. It snagged a nomination for an ASME Digital Ellie (National Magazine Award) and a win for an SPJ Deadline Club Award in multimedia.

Silent Warrior 
She's faced down the mob and genocidal dictators. So why is Carla Del Ponte barred from discussing her own book?

Muddled Messaging
Why the U.N. is at war with itself over Sudan.

Pakistan to the Internets: Shut Up!
The Pakistani government's decision to shut down Youtube is sheer absurdity.

AIPAC's Week on the Hill
There are some problems with the group's three talking points. Here's why.

Labor Shortage
In Haiti, children called restaveks are regularly loaned to other households, and the unluckiest are treated like slaves. (NPR interview on restaveks).

A Farewell to Victory
Wars once ended with winners and losers. Then it got complicated. 

An African Domino Theory, Examined
Uganda isn't the only star of the antigay show in East Africa anymore. Is its fervor spreading?

Bolivia's Revolution
President Evo Morales and his Venezuelan counterpart, Hugo Chávez, are comrades in a self-proclaimed socialist revolution. But their standing at home couldn't be more different. 

The PEPFAR Paradox
Widely considered a jewel of U.S. foreign policy, the AIDS-treatment program is on track to post less impressive results—and that might be a good thing.

Here to Stay
Critics slam Ban Ki-moon for being charmless and ineffective. They'd better get used to it, because they're stuck with him.

Old Habits Die Hard
Some political parties stay in power for what seems like an eternity. Here are a few that were finally knocked off.

Travel Advisory
The reasons Hillary Clinton is in Africa, country by country.

Spitzer to U.S.: "Serve Subpoenas"
A Q&A on the Cuomo Report with the man once known as "Lord High Executioner" among the Wall Street crowd.

Make Stuff, Not War
As the UNDP Human Development report shows, the Arab world needs to figure out what it's good at economically.

Argentina's Next Power Brokers
On Francisco de Narvaez and the rise of the anti-Kirchner Peronists

The Bloodiest War
Civilians from the eastern Congo tell their stories.

The Road from Gitmo
The emerging ways the U.S. might handle its suspects in the war on terror.

Opium Wars
Afghanistan's narcotics trade is back with a vengeance. Washington's latest antidrug plan is unlikely to curb it.


Reuters - Buenos Aires:

Argentina begins trial on infamous torture center

Argentina power couple draws Clinton comparisons

Small change causes big hassles in Argentina

Latin American aviation falters as traffic soars

Bargain nip and tuck draws tourists to S. America

Argentina ballet legend to wrap up long goodbye

Tourists visit Jerusalem in Argentina